10 Blogs to Help Women Level UP in the Workforce

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

With the effects of COVID-19 and the U.S. unemployment rate at a whopping 13.3%, chances are you may be looking for a job. Whether you're furloughed, laid off, or just in the market for a new career then check out these 10 resourceful blogs to help you in your job search. This is a well-rounded, but not exhaustive list of advice and resources. It has something for everyone and at every age down to the very end!

Angie Nelson's The Work at Home Mom is a jam packed blog with all kinds of quality resources for every consumer in mind.

Site Emphasis:

1. Separates part-time from full-time

from extra cash jobs in blog links.

2. Shares a depth of knowledge of how

to become a blogger.

Nicki Gilmour's The Glass Hammer specializes in Executive and Leadership Coaching based in organizational psychology and business experience.

Site Emphasis:

  1. Sensitive to social change in the workforce and the home-force.

  2. Coaches ambitious and successful female leaders for today and tomorrow.

Holly Hanna's award winning The Work at Home Woman blog focuses on helping women to balance life, family, careers, and everything else!

Site Emphasis:

  1. 1. Wide range of blog topics.

  2. 2. Free e-Books to help with learning the process of the stay-at-home workforce.

Erica Diamond's Women on The Fence is a one stop shop for the all around gal! You will find everything from parenting tips to career advice.

Site Emphasis:

  1. Focuses on building self-care regimens for the working mom.

  2. Download her podcasts while you're on the driving around town in mom's taxi.

Miranda Grimm blog Work at Home Adventures covers home-force topics like surveys, scams, and earning free gift cards. There is page-after-page of resourceful blogs with endless topics.

Site Emphasis:

1. An extensive blog on job

ideas for teens. (Especially helpful

during COVID-19.)

2. An up-to-date list of current online

jobs available in real time and links.

Ericka Spradley's Confident Career Woman blog is an empowering site to show women their worth. Blog topics include interview mastery and career strategy.

Site Emphasis:

  1. Learn how to avoid common mistakes/issues women face in their careers.

  2. Empowering blogs focused on what's stopping women from achieving optimal success.

Penelope Trunk holds NOTHING back in her PT blog. She is original and edgy with loads of advice for career women in every aspect. She makes no excuses or apologies for her frank truth.

Site Emphasis:

  1. 1. Blog after blog with a myriad of topics like the working woman with autism and office politics.

2. This is a great resource for women

working in the house-force who juggle career and kids at home.

Forbes' magazine included Anna Runyan's site in the 35 Most Influential Career sites. This is a one-stop-shop for women in career transition with meaningful content for the intersection of work, dreams, and everyday life.

Site Emphasis:

1. Free! Free! Free podcasts, blogs,

career plans, and more!

2. Teaches women how to invest in

themselves, their career goals, and home

life without making excuses.

Lindsey Pollack's blog spot Multi-generational Workplace expertise focuses on multi-generational sensitivities for women in the workplace. Resources include books, podcasts, free career courses, and blogs.

Site Emphasis:

1. Advice to help women navigate multi-generational and multi- cultural intersections in the workplace.

2. Great advice for college grads

entering the workforce.

Miki Feldman Simon shares her story in her blog I Am Back at Work. Her blogs are impactful, deep and informational. Besides her blog the site shares FREE career and job search webinars.

Site Emphasis:

1. Executive coaching for women at the highest level in the workplace.

2. Great resource for talking about career

gaps on your resume.

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